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Welcome to Nitin Umare’s Photography Master Workshops. 

Photography Workshop in Pune

Photography is an art. To learn any art you should know different techniques, skills, rules etc. When you have a technical knowledge of Camera, you will be more confident while capturing a picture. Because the knowledge of a person behind the camera is important.
Aesthetic Sense –  Many people has little-bit knowledge about camera but more of them doesn’t have Aesthetic Sense. In my workshop you will be more creative when your mind plays with Aesthetic  Sense. 
Why you shoot photos?
There is some intention behind every photo. Those who doesn’t have technical knowledge of Camera, they shoot it for just record purpose. But if you want to take really remarkable pictures then you need a knowledge.
How my workshop going to help you get better?
Here you will get a technical knowledge of DSLR camera. It’s components, menu, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, metering modes, composition rules, use of window/natural light creatively, Aesthetic of Photography & Practical on each techniques etc. 
Knowledge make things perfect
There are different techniques required to capture every subject. Knowledge of Light, Depth, Colors, Patterns, Textures and many more required to make your photo awesome.

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Digital Photography Workshop

Duration - 1 Day
Fees - Rs. 2500.00 (With Lunch and High Tea)
Language - Marathi / Hindi

Hello friends! Want to click stunning photos? Then you can join this workshop to get more and more knowledge step by step. Due to having a long experience of teaching Photography, I will teach you all the technical knowledge in a simple way. All of your doubts will be cleared at the end of every session. If you face any difficulty after workshop, you will get a post workshop support and advice. 

Schedule and content of workshop - Workshop date will be announced soon!

Master in Professional Photography

Start Profession in - Wedding Photography, Pre-wedding, Portraits, Event Photography, Portfolio Photography

Learn from basic | No need to have any Photography Knowledge

Duration - 1 month (2 sessions per week) Saturday - Sunday Batch
Theory and Practical sessions (Only 5 students per batch)
Fees - Rs.25000-Rs.10000 Dis. = 15000/-
Language - Marathi / Hindi
Start Profession in - Wedding Photography, Pre-wedding, Portraits, Event Photography, Portfolio Photography

This course includes all technical and practical knowledge which is required for professional Photographer.  After course you need to assist or required to do internship with the established Photographer. You can also assist me in my Commercial Photography and filmmaking work. Once you get a confidence you can start working independently. You will get a lifetime support if you face any difficulty or required any advice from me. 
This course includes basic to advance knowledge with Studio Lighting, Flash Photography, Creative use of Flash, outdoor Portrait Photography etc.

This Course will be announced soon!



Fashion Photography Master Workshop - 1 day

It's a Limited student batch that includes practical sessions.
Duration - 1 day (10 am to 5 pm) with Lunch and High Tea.
Fees - Rs.3500.00
Language - Marathi / Hindi

If you are a photographer and want to improve your skills to grab Commercial Photography opportunities, then this workshop is for you. Here you will learn advanced techniques in Fashion Photography lighting.

You know that “Confidence is a key to success”.  Commercial work needs to be handled with high accuracy, with perfect photography & media solutions for the clients. By doing this workshop you will be a pro photographer in your specialized area. 

Workshop dates will be announced soon! 

Workshop with Makeup, Model & Studio –  
Make Payment by using a QR code and send screenshot on WhatsApp no. 9890460770

Film Making Master Workshop

Duration - 1 month (3 hrs. - 3 sessions per week)
Theory and Practical sessions (Only 5 students per batch)
Fees - Rs. 50000/-
Language - Marathi

Now Photographers got additional power due to Advance DSLR Cameras. You can make films along with photography on your Camera. In this current scenario each and every photographer needs to acquire extra skills to perform better and stand professionally in competition.

After this workshop you can do several films like Wedding Cinematic Films, Short film, Documentaries, Corporate films, testimonial series & social media advertisement etc.

This Workshop will be announced soon!

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