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Welcome to Nitin Umare’s Photography Master Workshops. 

Photography Workshop in Pune

Photography is indeed a captivating art form that requires a blend of technical knowledge and aesthetic sense to capture truly remarkable images. In my workshop, I emphasize the importance of understanding different techniques, skills, and rules associated with using a DSLR camera.

Having a solid technical knowledge of your camera, including its components, menu settings, and functions like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and metering modes, is crucial. This knowledge boosts your confidence and allows you to make informed decisions while capturing photos.

However, technical knowledge alone is not enough. Aesthetic sense plays a significant role in photography. It’s about training your mind to see beyond the ordinary, to explore creativity, and to understand the principles of composition, light, and color. This workshop will help you develop your aesthetic sense, allowing you to create more visually engaging and meaningful photographs.

Many people take photos without a clear intention, just for recording purposes. But if you aspire to create truly remarkable and impactful images, you need both technical knowledge and a keen aesthetic sense.

During the workshop, we’ll cover a wide range of topics, including the use of natural light creatively, composition rules, understanding the aesthetics of photography, and practical hands-on experience with each technique. This holistic approach ensures that you not only understand the technical aspects but also develop a deeper appreciation for the art of photography.

Remember, knowledge is the key to perfection. Each subject requires different techniques, and having a solid grasp of light, depth, colors, patterns, textures, and more will elevate your photography skills and make your photos truly awesome.

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Digital Photography Workshop - Announced

Duration - 3 Days
Fees - Rs. 2399.00
Language - Marathi / Hindi

Digital Photography Workshop in Pune

Hello aspiring photographers! Are you ready to capture stunning images?

Join our workshop to gain comprehensive knowledge step by step. With years of teaching experience in photography, I’ll simplify technical concepts for you. Rest assured, all your doubts will be addressed at the end of each session.

Upon completing this workshop, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in various genres of photography, including nature, wildlife, landscape, and personal hobby photography. Whether you’re capturing the serene beauty of a landscape, the vibrant life of wildlife, or expressing your creative vision through your personal photography projects, this workshop will empower you to bring out the best in every shot.

Plus, you’ll receive post-workshop support and advice to tackle any challenges you may encounter. Let’s embark on this journey of creativity together!

Schedule and content of workshop - Starting from 18th April 2024

Master in Professional Photography

Start Profession in - Wedding Photography, Pre-wedding, Portraits, Event Photography, Portfolio Photography

Learn from basic | No need to have any Photography Knowledge

Duration - 1 month (2 sessions per week) Saturday - Sunday Batch
Theory and Practical sessions (Only 5 students per batch)
Fees - Rs.25000-Rs.10000 Dis. = 15000/-
Language - Marathi / Hindi
Start Profession in - Wedding Photography, Pre-wedding, Portraits, Event Photography, Portfolio Photography

That sounds like a comprehensive and valuable photography course! Covering everything from basic to advanced knowledge, including studio lighting, flash photography, and outdoor portrait photography, will provide a strong foundation for aspiring photographers. The opportunity for an internship and assistance in commercial photography and filmmaking is also very beneficial. Offering lifetime support shows a commitment to helping students succeed in their photography careers.

This Course will be announced soon!

Fashion Photography Master Workshop - 1 day

It's a Limited student batch that includes practical sessions.
Duration - 1 day (10 am to 5 pm) with Lunch and High Tea.
Fees - Rs.3500.00
Language - Marathi / Hindi

If you’re a photographer looking to elevate your skills and capitalize on commercial photography opportunities, then this workshop is tailor-made for you. Delve into the realm of advanced techniques in fashion photography lighting, refining your ability to capture stunning images that resonate with clients and viewers alike.

As the saying goes, “Confidence is a key to success.” Commercial photography demands a meticulous approach, delivering flawless photography and media solutions to meet client expectations. Through this workshop, you’ll gain the expertise needed to navigate the intricacies of commercial work with precision and finesse, establishing yourself as a professional photographer in your specialized area.

Workshop dates will be announced soon! 

Workshop with Makeup, Model & Studio –  
Make Payment by using a QR code and send screenshot on WhatsApp no. 9890460770

Film Making Master Workshop

Duration - 1 month (3 hrs. - 3 sessions per week)
Theory and Practical sessions (Only 5 students per batch)
Fees - Rs. 50000/-
Language - Marathi

With the advent of advanced DSLR cameras, photographers now possess an array of enhanced capabilities. Beyond traditional photography, these cameras empower photographers to venture into filmmaking, opening up a realm of creative possibilities. In today’s dynamic landscape, every photographer must hone additional skills to thrive and stand out professionally amidst competition.

Upon completing this workshop, you’ll unlock the potential to create diverse films such as Wedding Cinematic Films, Short Films, Documentaries, Corporate Films, Testimonial Series, and Social Media Advertisements. Embracing these new avenues not only expands your portfolio but also positions you as a versatile and sought-after professional in the industry.

This Workshop will be announced soon!

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